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Bring on the Fans!

Very excited, I have a new project!! A Spanish themed wedding, very dramatic with strong colours and Fans.
I love a fan and that was even before moving to Spain. I’ve always got one in my bag. Great for when I was in rehearsals, in between quick changes, and one of my favourite places to get my fan out was ‘The Tube’ (London Underground). You’ll get a few people looking and thinking what is she on? But, after a few minutes stuck in a tunnel in summer, how they wish they had one!!
So the fact I’m getting the chance to put my slant on fan stationery, makes me very happy!
After a quick look around, red, black, white and lace are all strong consistent features, which I really should consider in my design. It’s so easy to stray of the path, but how striking are these images!
I did like a fan before my research, now I’m in love! I’ve reminded myself of Burlesque; I think I might have a play just for fun!
And, let’s not forget Marie Antoinette days where a fan says a lot! How sumptuous would that wedding be!
To glide a fan on the cheek means – I want you!
Nothing to do with Fans, I just like shoes!
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