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Where has the time GONE!

Well, once again it’s been awhile since I’ve posted! So this is what I’ve been up to this time.

I’m very excited to say I will have a brand new website to share with the world, very soon!! But who knew how much time these things take up! I think I am officially my own worst client!

However I wanted to share a little bit of what’s to come! A few images from my Loves Journey collection, great for a  modern day couple who’s friends and family are all over the world, I speak from experience! Something a little special for a beach destination wedding,  if we were to tie the knot again, a beach wedding would be a strong contender!

vintage destination wedding invitation

Destination Wedding Invitation - Modern

Beach Theme Wedding InvitationI hope you like and check back when it’s up and running and I get back into the world of the living, design and weddings!!

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Bring on the Fans!

Very excited, I have a new project!! A Spanish themed wedding, very dramatic with strong colours and Fans.
I love a fan and that was even before moving to Spain. I’ve always got one in my bag. Great for when I was in rehearsals, in between quick changes, and one of my favourite places to get my fan out was ‘The Tube’ (London Underground). You’ll get a few people looking and thinking what is she on? But, after a few minutes stuck in a tunnel in summer, how they wish they had one!!
So the fact I’m getting the chance to put my slant on fan stationery, makes me very happy!
After a quick look around, red, black, white and lace are all strong consistent features, which I really should consider in my design. It’s so easy to stray of the path, but how striking are these images!
I did like a fan before my research, now I’m in love! I’ve reminded myself of Burlesque; I think I might have a play just for fun!
And, let’s not forget Marie Antoinette days where a fan says a lot! How sumptuous would that wedding be!
To glide a fan on the cheek means – I want you!
Nothing to do with Fans, I just like shoes!
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Hanging Inspirations

Wow, I can’t believe a week has passed already! Yet another busy one, but fun!
The sun has finally made a return so I was able to take more pictures of my stationery over the weekend. Here’s a sneak preview, I hope to have them all up on my site in the next few days!

I’m really looking forward to getting back to work on ideas. I love hanging things, might sound a bit ridiculous but, I do! Hanging lanterns, fabric, candles, flowers, fairy lights!!!
When I was living in London, we had a small gazebo, not quite as romantic as a tree! But, I fashioned a fairy light chandelier to hang in it and came up with any excuse to hang more lanterns and candles when ever I could. I just find it so romantic and calming.
Just Beautiful! Love it!!
What a fabulous dinner party this would be!
The glass sparkles in the sun and the twinkling lights in the evening are so magical. This is definitely inspiring me to create some stationery that completes the feel.
I’ll keep you posted on my progress. x
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