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If I were…to get married again!

I’m very fortunate to spend most of the year helping couples to announce their wedding day and bring those special little details to the big day itself. I myself have been married for years, although very happy! I do often think what would I do if we were to get married now?

This leads me to this idea and series of blog posts, a repeating theme where I dream up and share what my latest dream wedding would be. I spend quite a lot of time looking through images and blogs for inspiration on colours and styles and I can safely say we are in an age where anything goes! The possibilities are vast and not restricted to what fashion dictates. With such choice I thought this might be a fun way to see what the world of weddings and events has to offer from dresses, venues, styling and of course stationery!

My aim is to hopefully help a few brides to be with my findings and pairings as well as indulge in a little fantasy wedding fun! I’m sure there are many a girl out there along with one or two newlywed brides that will appreciate my train of thought 😉

So, I suppose the fun/ hard part starts, where do I begin with fantasy wedding take one? Now, if I were into one style only I think this would be a little easier, but as you may have guessed from my stationery designs, I love all things pretty and on the flip side I also love a modern striking piece. What will be my catalyst??? The DRESS of course!!! If I could only go and doing the trying on as well!. Fantasy wedding one will be ruled by the dress, I just need to find it, easier said then done I imagine, but I know there is a take two around the corner 😉

Next installment of ‘If I were….’ blogpost series, the dress! Hope you keep checking back!

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