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How many Confetti Cones do I need?

Confetti Cones

I was recently asked this very question by a bride whose Wedding Invitations I created, now our attention is on their ‘on the day’ stationery. There are no set rules and it’s really down to what you want, but after a little investigation here are my findings and thoughts.

The general thinking appears to be 1 cone per couple, most people believing only the ladies will be doing the confetti throwing. I think this is good guidance if you are having a fairly intimate wedding up to say, 100 guests. But what happens if you apply this rule to a wedding of 200 or 600 guests? You probably wouldn’t be able to see the happy couple for a downpour of petals!

So, this is my thinking for larger weddings. Most couples are showered with the contents of their confetti cones when exiting the church. I would think that regardless of the size of your wedding, you wouldn’t have more than 60-70 people creating that corridor of confetti-filled air, as you exit the church or head back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs! So why would you need more than 60 – 70 confetti cones?

By no means are any of these hard facts or rules to be followed, these are just my thoughts and a little helping hand when deciding on what you would like for you day.


1 cone per couple, great guidance for an intimate wedding

60-70 cones for a large wedding. (probably not  necessary to have 300 cones for 600 guests)

Roughly 10g of rose petals per cone (cone size H20 cm, D6cm approx.)

Roughly 15g of mixed petals per cone (cone size H20 cm, D6cm approx.)

Light scattering on a path 100-150g ( per metre square)

Light scattering on table 10-15g per table

I hope this little bit of info helps! Feel free to add your thoughts or share your experience to help out other brides to be.



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  1. JJ Macartney
    May 3, 2012 - Reply

    thanks chick I had,nt thought of the idea of the cones just love it keep them coming your amazing xx

  2. May 3, 2012 - Reply

    I’d love to take credit for the confetti cone, but I most certainly can’t!! They are pretty!

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