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My First Blog!

It’s been a busy few months setting up Nulki Nulks– Wedding Stationery Designed. My little brain has been working over time!! Not enough hours in the day! But I’m enjoying every minute and wedding season is warming up!!
I suppose at the minute my blog is serving as a memory board, I’ve been getting immersed in wedding world and there are so many ideas I want to put in practice, I don’t want to forget them before I get to have a go!
I’ve always tinkered with Photoshop and Illustrator, creating cards and menus for fun. I pretty much turned into the friends and family design shop. But the things I enjoyed the most where doing the Order of Service for a friend and years later designing the Wedding Stationery for a close friend. I felt so honoured that she wanted my help and my creation for them was taking the message of their big day (I’m soft, I know!!).
It was that design that Laura spotted whilst I was telling her what a hard worker I was and she should give me a trail day, helping out her decoration team. I loved the idea of creating wedding stationery from day one, but you know how it is, busy with this, that and the other it had to go on the back burner. In hind sight everything happens for a reason, I’ve had the opportunity to have a season of wedding world under my belt and that season has inspired my first designs, very excited!!
A compilation of my Bali Nights Range.
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