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Morocco in the South of France

Just as the title suggests, a wedding in the South of France with a little hint of Morocco to represent the Bride’s family heritage.  I have been wanting to share this forever it seems, but time keeps running away, it’ll be a new wedding season at this rate!  So, I have sat myself down and looked back through our summer 2013 weddings with the aim of sharing a few, Mimi & Mark’s being the first.

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Is this The Wedding Dress?

OK, we’ve had a busy end to our summer season which ran straight into a pretty good start to the winter season, hence our lack of posts. But following on from my previous blog post “If I were…to get married again”, one dress has just spurred me into action and back on the case planning my fantasy wedding.

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If I were…to get married again!

I’m very fortunate to spend most of the year helping couples to announce their wedding day and bring those special little details to the big day itself. I myself have been married for years, although very happy! I do often think what would I do if we were to get married now?

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