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Elegant Cut-out hanging table seating chart

Ideas & Inspiration for your Wedding Table Plan

The table plan! I’ll take a guess and say this is probably not the most enjoyable task to undertake, but it is one that has to be done! Yes your table plan has a job to do, it has to be practical and functional, but this is the one piece of stationery that all of your guests will see, why not make a feature of it? A little ice breaker for your guests whilst they have cocktails! Turn the bane of your pre-wedding planning into a little work of wedding art!

Ok, lets start with the traditional table plan, large printed board to be displayed on an easel for example. Go one step further and include design elements from other stationery pieces or display it in a statement frame or hand written in an old window frame.  Use what your venue has to offer, hang it from a tree or set a scene with your table plan as the main attraction.

Wedding Table Plan in a frame

At the moment I very much like individual table plans as they are very versatile and can be displayed in so many ways, from an assortment of picture frames, simply pinned to a board, hung ‘a la’ bunting style the list is as long as your imagination! I do have a few ideas in mind that I’d like to work on, just waiting for the perfect partners in crime willing to walk down the same path!

But before we get to the masterpiece, you as a lovely couple must decide where everyone is to be seated, I saw this on pinterest and thought it was a really good and simple idea to help with the task in hand.

Table plans come in all shapes and sizes! Use your invitations, wedding styling, venue as inspiration, to create your talking point and get creative!

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