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Wedding Invitation suite

What do we want to say in our Wedding Invitation?

The new year is definitely upon us with website visits and enquires at a high, it would seem that the attention of many brides and grooms are returning to all things wedding!

Wedding Fan Invitation

Some are super organised, venue is booked, invitations have gone out, but for those of you still in the decision making process a few ideas to help you on your way!

What would you like from your invitations? A couple of quick questions to ask yourself…

What would we like to announce?

It goes without saying you will need to share the details of your wedding day, date, venue, time etc, you may also wish to add gift information. But with many people opting for destination weddings which doesn’t necessarily mean warm climes on a beach, maybe just a different location that’s not ordinarily home, you may have a whole list of activities you would like to share with your guests. The perfect opportunity is along with your invitation, this way no one misses out on the information and everyone is fully aware that you plan to make the very most of your wedding celebrations! This could be in the form of a brief schedule outlining your plans and prompting your guests to visit the ever more popular ‘wedding website’ for updates.

Shell Shaped Wedding Invitation with RSVP

RSVP Card or not?

I must admit you don’t always need the traditional r.s.v.p. card to be returned by post, I think it’s nice to keep the tradition and it does complete an invitation suite, however with all the technology there are so many other options to receive your guests’ responses.

Yes to the RSVP card: Great to complete your invitation suite and I would also suggest including a return envelope. A quick tip, number each card discretely and make a note of who is who. If any cards happen to be returned minus a name it’s easy to track down and avoid the guessing game of who is  coming to join you.

No to the RSVP card: You may have decided to have a wedding website that allows your guests to RSVP, don’t forget to prompt this action on your invitation. Other options are via email or phone, but make sure you have a pen and paper or even better a little response book to hand to make notes as the calls come in. Once again, don’t forget to include this information on your invitation along with any other information you might need like dietary requirements.

Gift information
We all know that you are inviting your friends and family to celebrate with you, but it is also tradition to attend a wedding with gift in hand, or the more modern version to avoid three toasters, wedding gift lists at your favourite store. I wonder if you can have your wedding gift list at your favourite clothes stores? 🙂 I’m going off track, sorry!

So if it is the case that you are having a guest list, an account for your honeymoon, donating to a charity, your invitation is the place to add this information, or at least the prompt that this is your plan and where to find more information.

Well that’s a brief run down on your invitation and what you might like to say, your next hurdle is the look and style, to which there is a whole world of choices out there! But don’t despair, the positive is you will find a stationer that can fulfill your needs!


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  1. Betty San Juan
    March 28, 2014 - Reply

    Hello I would like to know if I could order these invitations for a girls baby shower I want 50 invitations. What would be the total price and what is the estimated delivery time?

    • March 28, 2014

      Hi Betty,

      Can you please fill our quote request as we’ll need little more information, such as which product/collection you’re interested in, your location, etc: https://www.nulkinulks.com/quote/

      Thank you and regards,

      Nulki Nulks

  2. June 25, 2014 - Reply

    How much are the shell invitations? I want something like that for a Quinceañero.

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